Director, Professor and the Woodruff Faculty Fellow
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  • Dr. Xiao Kuang

Postdoc Associate


  • Mr. Jiangtao Wu

jiangtao_wu_mid PhD Candidate





  • Mr. Vincent Li

PhD Candidate

  • Mr. Devin Roach

PhD Candidate

  • Mr. Craig Hamel

PhD Candidate

  • Conner Dunn

MS student

  • Mr Zeang Zhao

Visiting PhD student

  • Mr. Chao Yuan

Visiting PhD student

  • Mr. Ming Lei

Visiting PhD student

  • Ms. Quan Yi Mu

Visiting PhD student

  • Mr. Kaijuan Chen

Visiting PhD student

  • Ms. Le An

Visiting PhD student



Group Alumni

    • Kai Yu (PhD, 2015), Assistant Professor, University of Colorado, Denver.
    • Michael Isakov (PhD Candidate, 2015), Wooter, founder.
    • Yiqi Mao (Postdoc Associate, 2015), Professor, Xiamen University of Science and Technology, China
    • Hua Yang (Visiting PhD Student, 2014), Postdoc Associate, China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing)
    • Yuejie Wei (Visiting Scholar, 2014), Professor, Institute of Applied Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Science
    • Binglian Wang (PhD, 2013), Caterpillar
    • Feng Miao (PhD, 2013), Senior Engineer, GM
    • Qi Ge, (PhD, 2012), Assistant Professor, SUTD
    • Xiaodong Cui, (Postdoc, 2010), Senior scientist, Global Engineering & Materials Inc
    • Philip Kao (PhD, 2010), STEM Ciders, founder and owner
    • Kristofer Westbrook (PhD, 2010), Technical Specialist, Simulia, Inc
    • Kevin Long (PhD, 2010), Senior Member of the Technical Staff, Sandia National Labs
    • Sitikantha Roy (Postdoc, 2009), Assistant Professor, India Institute of Technology -Delhi
    • Francisco Castro (PhD, 2009), Lecturer, University of Colorado