Congratulations to Devin Roach who has successfully defended his thesis! He will go on to become a Postdoctoral Fellow at Sandia National Labs. While at Georgia Tech, Devin’s work focused on liquid crystal elastomers, 4D printing, and multi-material printing. He will make a great addition to the Sandia community!

Congratulations to first-year PhD student Robert Caraway who has been selected for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP)! This is an outstanding honor, and we are excited to see the impact of Robert’s work!

Second-year student Haley Hilborn and third-year student Macrae Montgomery have been accepted as summer interns at Hewlett-Packard. They will be assisting HP’s 3D printing efforts in California. We will miss them this summer!

We are excited to announce that Dr. Craig Hamel has become our group’s newest graduate! Craig successfully defended his dissertation  “Modeling of Polymeric Materials with Applications in Active Materials and Additive Manufacturing.” We wish him luck as he transitions into his new role at Sandia National Labs!

Craig’s recent paper focused on machine learning has been accepted by Smart Materials and Structures!

In this paper, Craig discusses how we can utilize machine learning to design complicated active composite structures that leverage our lab’s 4D printing capabilities.

Devin passed both qualifying exams to put him one step closer to earning his PhD! Congratulations Devin!

Vincent successfully defends his dissertation on the 3D printing of cellulose nanocrystal structures

Congratulations to Vincent! We will miss him greatly, but we know he will thrive at International Paper.

Jiangtao’s work on Active Tensegrity is just accepted by Scientific Reports!

Zeang’s work on Origami by Frontal Photopolymerization just appeared in Science Advances! Congratulations!

Chao’s work on Direct 4D printing just appeared in Scientific Reports! Congratulations!

Welcome Devin Roach and Craig  Hamel to join the group

Both Devin and Craig join the group as PhD students and will be working close with 3D printing team to develop new multifunctional 3D printers.

Dr. Kai Yu joined University of Colorado at Denver as an assistant professor

Kai left GT in the middle of July and becomes an assistant professor at University of Colorado at Denver. Congratulations to Kai!

Kai and Qian’s work on recycling carbon fiber composite was published in Advanced Functional Materials

Kai and Qian developed a new method to promote bond exchange reactions so that they can achieve near 100% recycling of CFRP. Great work!

Dr. Qi is selected as ASME fellow

Dr. Qi is recently selected as ASME fellow for his contributions to the mechanics of polymers research and 3D/4D printing and to the service to the ASME society.

Dr Wei received the prestigious Distinguished Young Scholar Award from Natural Science Foundation of China

Congratulations to Dr Wei! the Distinguished Young Scholar Award is the most prestigious award for young investigators in Chinese academic community. Wei was a visiting scholar in our group in 2014.

Dr. Qi is named the Woodruff Faculty Fellow by the Woodruff school and College of Engineering

Dr. Qi is named the Woodruff Faculty Fellow to encourage his efforts in developing his research program at GT.